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Phiên bản đầy đủ: Position Announcement -- Amazon.com
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 Inventory Planning and Control (IPC) at Amazon is seeking experienced operations research scientists. IPC owns Amazon's global inventory planning systems - we decide and optimize what, when, where, and how much we should buy to meet Amazon's business goals and to make our customers happy. We do this for millions of items, for hundreds of product lines worth billions of dollars of inventory world-wide. Our systems are built entirely in-house, and are on the cutting edge in automated large scale supply chain planning, optimization and simulation systems. IPC is unique in that we are simultaneously developing the science of supply chain planning and solving some of the toughest computational challenges at Amazon. Our team members have an opportunity to be on the forefront of supply chain thought leadership by working on some of the most difficult problems in the industry with some of the best product managers, research scientists/statisticians/economists and software engineers in the business.Candidates will be responsible for developing solutions to better manage/optimize worldwide inventory. These positions will focus on identifying and analyzing opportunities to improve existing algorithms and also on the next generation of Amazon's inventory optimization systems. They require superior analytical thinkers who are able to quickly approach large ambiguous problems and apply their technical and statistical knowledge to identify opportunities for further research. Candidates should be able to independently mine and analyze data, and be able to use any necessary programming and statistical analysis software to do so. Successful candidates must thrive in fast-paced environments which encourage collaborative and creative problem solving, be able to measure and estimate risks, constructively critique peer research, and align research focuses with the Amazon's strategic needs. Qualifications:- PhD in operations research or industrial engineering with related work experience in industry or academia. We are particularly interested in senior researchers, who will relocate to Seattle, WA.- Able to build quantitative mathematical models to represent a wide range of supply chain, transportation and logistics systems.- Able to implement these models and tools through the use of modeling languages and engineering codes in software languages.- Able to perform quantitative, economic, and numerical analysis of the performance of these systems under uncertainty using statistical and optimization tools to find both exact and heuristic solution strategies for optimization problems.If you are interested in, please contact or send resumes to wooseung@amzon.com
Wooseung Jang
Sr. Principal Research Scientist
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